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Real-Life "Wonder" Visits Laurel Park for Kindness Assembly

Recently, the students at Laurel Park Elementary School have been reading the book "Wonder" as well as watching the accompanying movie adaptation of the story of August "Auggie" Pullman. On Mar. 13, the students got the opportunity to meet and hear from Jeremy Dale, a 23-year old with Goldenhar Syndrome, which is a craniofacial abnormality similar to that of the main character of "Wonder."

Dale is a cousin of Laurel Park teacher Ms. Dennehy, who arranged the assembly on the theme of being kind to everyone no matter what differences may be seen or unseen in the person next to or across from them. Along with his mother, Kris, Jeremy spoke to the students about his upbringing and shared stories related to his surgeries as well as his hobbies such as playing video games.

The students also prepared banners thanking the Dale family for their visit as well as a project listing their three favorite parts of the movie "Wonder."