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Laurel Park Hosts Production of "Once Upon A Time" in Reader's Theater Initiative!

Second-graders at Laurel Park under the direction of Mrs. Gleason performed two plays as part of the Reader's Theater Initiative at the school on May 12. The group held three shows on the day, including an afternoon performance for parents and family members.

The performances, entitled "The New Story" and "The Birthday Breakfast," captured two different stories that can begin with "Once Upon a Time..." In the opening act, the Big Bad Wolf, Jack, the Giant, and Goldilocks all ran down their fairy tales and opted to create a new story for their fables; included in this was a bit where the Three Little Pigs were on vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida.

"The Birthday Breakfast" told the story of a King and Queens throwing a birthday party for the Princess, only for the Sun to fall asleep and require much of the animal kingdom (and audience participation) to wake up the celestial body. The kids received uproarious applause and laurels from the parents and staff who were at the performance, as did the fourth- and fifth-graders on the stage crew.