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Laurel Park Celebrates Day 100 of School in Style!

As part of the district-wide celebration of the 100th Day of School, several classes at Laurel Park Elementary School were involved in various activities to highlight the number 100. Along with these activities, students and staff dressed as if they were 100 years old or wore crowns and glasses to signify the 100th Day of School.

In Ms. Zepeda's class, the students were joined by their parents for fun arts-and-crafts projects such as working with tangrams and coloring in 100 spaces on a marble with different hues. Ms. Attanasio's class created a poster with 100 specific items to paste onto that poster board as a team. Lastly, Ms. Thompson's class created cereal necklaces and made the word "Hundred" as a group.

Dr. Snell even got involved, dressing the part of a centuries-old principal and taking the time to be present for pictures and activities with the classes.